This was my fourth time attending an NCECA conference and I have to say this was my favorite one yet!!

For those not familiar, NCECA is a massive conference dedicated to all things ceramics. NCECA stands for National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts. Despite the word “national” in the name, the NCECA conference is a truly international experience, drawing exhibitors, demonstrators, and participants from around the world. Typically the conference includes panels, demonstrations, lectures, films, and gallery shows throughout the host city, which rotates each year.

This year I volunteered to work the conference, hosted in Milwaukee. It was my first time as a conference volunteer and after the great experience I had, probably not my last! The major perk to volunteering is that it waives the conference fee. The best part though, was that through volunteering, I met a ton of artists I admire who I might not have met otherwise. It was also a really fascinating behind the scenes look into the massive amount of planning and logistics that go into a conference as large as NCECA. Read More