Last time I posted here on the blog was right before I started grad school. The fact that I am just now posting again, at the end, is a pretty good indication of how busy my MFA Ceramics program kept me. I have never been so busy, or worked so intensely, in my entire life. Earning my MFA was a trial by fire . . . an all-encompassing project that demanded every last second of my time.

Was it worth it? Did all of the figurative AND literal blood, sweat and tears shed upon this crazy project amount to anything??


My MFA program at Indiana University Bloomington changed my life. I expected to come into school and learn some things. What I ended up doing was completely transforming as a person and an artist. I feel like I was smashed up, melted into a molten liquid, and ultimately reshaped into a tougher, smarter, and more confident version of myself. I feel . . . sharpened, if that makes any sense at all.

I have plenty of Grad School Confessional type stories that I’d like to share here retroactively, and I think that will be a lot more interesting than trying to generalize everything in one big ol’ post right now. So stay tuned for that.

However it will have to wait!! Because . . . as a cherry on top of the grad school pie, I deferred my graduation until August so that I could go on a study abroad with IU to . . . . drumroll . . .  JAPAN!!! I have wanted to visit Japan for most of my adult life so my level of excitement is off the charts. In high school I was voted “Most Likely to Move to Japan and Own 1,000 Cats” (no really, my high school let us nominate each other for custom Most Likelies) so this trip is a long term dream. And I do also have cats now, though not 1,000. SO, life goals are HAPPENING, more or less.

I am going to take an absolute TON of photos in Japan and hope to update the blog when I get back. Thanks all for checking in with me even though I have been a terribly undisciplined blogger!! ♥