Hi there everyone! I’m currently at the end of week 4 of 6 here at Arrowmont, and it has been a thoroughly amazing experience so far. If you are just arriving here to my blog after meeting me at Arrowmont, welcome!! I’m glad you stopped by, and it was a pleasure meeting you this summer!

I had a lot of people this summer ask me about ordering mugs. I am hopeful, very very hopeful *fingers crossed* that I will be able to re-open my etsy store this fall and streamline the online sales process. Until then, though, I am more than happy to take orders and commissions through plain ol’ email. You can peruse my current group of mug designs here, and simply email me at emily539@gmail.com letting me know which you’d like. Then I’ll reply with a quote and estimated delivery date. Or! And I love when people do this! You can special request your own image from nature in your email.

I am planning to make some more in depth posts about my Arrowmont experience after I head home and things calm down a bit. As you know if you have spent any time at Arrowmont, the schedule here is pretty non-stop! It’s hard to even get a full night’s sleep let alone make blog posts.

However, before I get swept back up into Arrowmont life, I would like to leave you with this photo. All the studio assistants put our heads together and planned a social event to honor the birthday of our friend, Summer, who is leaving us for a new apartment and new school at the end of this week. It takes place tonight so we are all pretty excited! Enjoy!