Well dear readers, here I am at a summer art assistantship at none other than Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in the Smoky Mountains! Arrowmont is an amazing place with a supportive and lively work culture and I couldn’t be happier to be here. I applied for this assistantship way back in February and was thrilled when I found out I’d been accepted.

It’s the beginning of July here and it is super, super hot. We’re talking 100+ degree days where you feel as if you practically have to swim through the air. Arrowmont has a cool, clear swimming hole nearby in one of the parks and we have visited often!

When I’m not enjoying the swimming hole I am working for Arrowmont doing a wide variety of assistant-type things. We do everything from mail and supply runs to helping with evening presentations and locking up studios at night. In return, Arrowmont provides us with free room and board, and we also get free classes for half of the time we are here working. I am here for six weeks, so I get to take three classes. I have already taken two: one with Arthur Gonzalez about monoprinting on clay and another with K. Rhynus Cesark on encaustic painting. I have plenty of great pictures and stories to share with you about those classes so stay tuned for that! As soon as I can grab another minute of free time I will pop back in here and tell you all about it. See you again soon!